Plants you can’t kill: Cape Plumbago


I thought you’d rather see a Cape Plumbago (plumbago auriculata) growing in Italy – much more inspiring than my garden. This is growing like crazy for me in heavy clay soil with very little water. I’m growing mine as a shrub and it’s about 6 feet tall and wide, but you can grow it as a vine or let it elegantly cascade over the edge of your terrace in the Italian Riviera. This is a vigorous, healthy plant with sky blue flowers for months on end, sprawling all over the place in the most gorgeous way, that can take a little shade. It doesn’t drop leaves, get diseases or pests, need fertilizer… Cut it back a bit in late winter or, if you are lazy like me, just clean out some dead stuff now and then when it really starts to show.

One thought on “Plants you can’t kill: Cape Plumbago

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