Succulent garden ideas: mixed succulent beds in a modern garden




Another view of the modern garden at the Gamble Garden Spring Tour in Palo Alto. Gorgeous succulent beds edge a backyard patio.


You can get all of these plants at Half Moon Bay Nursery or honestly, your Home Depot. I can’t tell you how many different succulents I’ve picked up at Home Depot. Plenty of articles will tell you to how to amend the soil for succulents and how to propagate succulents. I have about a zillion of these and I just stick them in the dirt. If I want another plant, I snap off a rosette with a little stem and stick that in the dirt. I have heavy clay in the ground and the cheapest potting soil I can find in my pots. Water once a week.

Often at nurseries there is just a display of mixed succulents without info on each particular variety, so if you buy them tiny it’s hard to know what they’re going to be when they grow up. Dave’s Garden has a good guide. If they get leggy or messy, just pull them out, clean them up, snap them off and stick them back in the dirt.  Bonus: succulents are very generous and will give you lots and lots of babies, and they don’t care if you go out of town.

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