Hikes with dogs: Water Dog Lake Park

412763_10150695229281509_742272548_o (1)

Water Dog Lake Park is a beautiful, secluded, wooded canyon with several miles of trails. There’s a wide main trail and several smaller side trails with oaks, eucalyptus, California buckeye – and it’s right in the middle of Belmont. Which you would never know when you are down on the trail. Lots of dogs, hikers, runners, mountain bikers, and the occasional rattlesnake and very occasional mountain lion. (Yes, really – one year a mountain lion and her almost grown cub kept wandering up out of the canyon and to my children’s middle school.) About half a mile down the main trail is a lake where dogs can swim (and afterwards roll in the dirt). Apparently, these are not the water dogs for which this park is named. The lake is home to a barking salamander that is called both Water Dog and Mud Puppy.

Important to note: limited parking and no bathrooms. Here’s a trail map: http://www.belmont.gov/Upload/Document/D240001116/OpenSpaceTrailMap2005.pdf

Water Dog Lake Park

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