More beautiful, colorful container garden ideas

mixed containers

Here are a few more of the gorgeous containers in my mother’s garden. The big pot in the back is Salvia guaranitica ‘Black and Blue’ underplanted with a green and gold variegated ivy. The pot in the front is Heliotrope ‘Fragrant Delight’ and Lysimachia nummularia ‘goldilocks’ (Creeping Jenny).


  1. Pick a theme each year. Here we have: green, chartreuse, purple, black, dark blue.
  2. Repeat plants from container to container or use plants that are very similar. Don’t make every container the same, but each container should have either a color or a plant in common with another container.
  3. For mixed containers, pick and upright grower, something that will spill over the edges, and a filler plant if your upright grower is thin or spiky.
  4. Group your containers by theme and watering requirements.

colorful containers

The front blue pot is more of that gorgeous chartreuse Creeping Jenny. Behind it is Salvia elegans (golden pineapple sage) and Sweet Potato Vine ‘Midnight lace.’ The salvia will get a LOT bigger and put out red tubular flowers that hummingbirds love, and the leaves smell like pineapple when you crush them. (Yep, that’s basil, a geranium, and a gerbera daisy in those other pots. There’s a WHOLE bunch of other pots!)

colorful containers

Here is the pot on the left in the above photo. This is Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea), Sweet Potato Vine ‘Golden Lace’ and Creeping Jenny.

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