A vintage modern container garden

charming container group tended.wordpress.com

A charming vignette with a vintage, eclectic feel. This garden belongs to a friend of mine, a jewelry designer who restyles vintage pieces, and her garden definitely reflects her aesthetic.


  1. Weathered pavers and mix of containers, all with age and patina.
  2. Traditional, almost old fashioned plants: ferns, petunias, mandevilla vine, lavender, clover, and jade.
  3. All of the plant choices are lush and delicate.
  4. A soft feminine palette is modernized with a jolt of black and dark purple.
  5. The container palette takes the same approach: soft natural materials or painted black and dark purple.

black petunia container tended.wordpress.com

Love this pairing of bold black and delicate white flowers.

delicate flowers and black clover containers tended.wordpress.com

The delicacy of the large pot is offset and its colors amplified by the big black clover. Blue and yellow is classic, but then you throw that black clover in there and it changes the whole effect.

vintage modern window box tended.wordpress.com

The bold black and delicate white theme is repeated here, and the window box is painted dark purple instead of black.

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