Easy garden design idea: underplanting trees

tree underplanted with grasses  tended.wordpress.com

This is the easiest garden design idea ever: underplant your trees with lots of one thing. You see a lot of trees underplanted with grasses in contemporary gardens, but as you can see by the above photo, this looks just as great in traditional gardens.

tree underplanted with helichrysum tended.wordpress.com

Helichrysum petiolare always looks good, can take some shade and a whole lot of neglect, and only needs water once a week at the most.

sidewalk garden tended.wordpress.com

Blue oat grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens), another easy keeper.

lemon tree underplanted with pineapple salvia

Some trees don’t like other plants growing in their root zones, so it’s worth doing a little research on your trees first. For example, I don’t plant anything under my native oak. However, everything I’ve read tells me not to plant under citrus. And here is my lemon tree with a pineapple salvia happily growing underneath. They’ve been together for at least ten years, which seems like a bizarrely long life for a salvia.




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