Instead of cut flowers, use succulents

succulents instead of cut flowers

The one problem I have with succulents is that I can’t grow them indoors. They get leggy, pale and lose their beautiful forms completely. I’ve started thinking of them as cut flowers. I pop a few out of their outdoor containers and stick them in a pretty container. When they start to look bad, I plant them back outside and bring in some new ones. They last longer than cut flowers and planting a succulent is literally as easy as putting a flower in a vase: break off a rosette and stick it in some potting soil. You can also put them in water, just like flowers. If you need to move it, just pick it up and put it somewhere else.

This is echeveria imbricata in a handmade ceramic pot, sitting on an antique tile I bought in Malacca, Malaysia. The small blue antique dish is on a lacquer tray from a Chinatown souvenir shop.

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