Top ten reasons you should try container gardening

A touch of silver makes all that hot pink really pop.

Top ten reasons you should try container gardening:

  1. It simplifies your gardening. You can keep everything in your garden simple and green, and add color with your containers.
  2. It’s easy to experiment with new plant combinations. You can combine things in one pot, or just move different pots next to each other.
  3. It’s good for commitment-phobes. You only need to stay with a look for a single season, or weekend.
  4. You can have a garden in even the tiniest space.
  5. It’s budget friendly. Container gardening is the equivalent of using high-end fabric on pillows instead of the entire sofa.
  6. Instant gratification. You can go the nursery, try plant and pot combinations right in the store, and come home and style your space in time for your friends to come over for afternoon cocktails.
  7. You can take a risk and try something new or difficult to grow.
  8. It’s forgiving. Instead of ending up with a dead patch in your garden bed, you can just pop in a new plant or put the pot off to the side for a while.
  9. Children love it. Your four year old wants those hideous bubblegum pink petunias? They’ll look great in a container. Or give him some vegetable or nasturtium seeds: they’ll grow big, fast.
  10. You can use anything for a container: vintage pottery, driftwood, tea tins, tree stumps…

Orange makes everything better.

Line a basket with a plastic insert or saucer.

Pair similar forms in different sizes.

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