A simple modern home and front yard garden

modern front garden tended.wordpress.com

This home is totally stunning and it’s so simple.

  1. Everything is black – the walls, the gate, the trim – except the stark white window trim, roofline and eaves, and porch light.
  2. Turquoise blue front door.
  3. Repetition of a just a few foliage plants.
  4. The same plant as a low round shrub and as a tree standard. I’m not totally sure what this is, but you could do this with Pittosporum, Privet or Indian Hawthorn.
  5. The flat silver ground cover ties in with the silver leaves of the tree. Try Cerastium (Snow in Summer) for a low silver ground cover.
  6. Sago Palms in low, wide terra-cotta containers.
  7. Podocarpus does it all. Here, it is trained on the wall and grown as a tree.
  8. Low boxwood hedges the same height as the bench they surround frame the entry.

See more black and green gardens here.

See more Podocarpus being awesome and versatile here.

modern front garden tended.wordpress.com

modern front garden tended.wordpress.com

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