Patio ideas: the terraces at Filoli

Filoli garden terrace

I don’t have a terrace but I do have a patio and a yard. That are smaller than even one of the terraces at Filoli. But there are a lot of great ideas here that work just as well on a smaller scale.

Above, the structure is softened with a vine and a loose, sprawling shrub. The shrubs at the corners bring more structure, but are softened with groundcovers. The containers are simple and substantial.

Filoli garden terrace

Go for broke with one really stunning container or object.

Filoli garden terrace

Line your patio with low maintenance, low water trees and shrubs like Arbutus Unedo (above) and Camellia Japonica (below). Keep your furnishings and containers simple, substantial, and well placed. The plantings keep this from looking too stark: full, lush trees and shrubs, groundcovers at the edges and between the pavers, succulents that spill over their containers.

Filoli garden terrace


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