7 New Year’s resolutions for gardening

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If you look at my yard you might not know a gardener lives here because it’s a mess. Impulse buys that died or overgrew their spaces. Awkward placements, blank spots (I blame some of those on the dog) – you name the mistake, I’ve made it in my garden. I gave up on new year’s resolutions long ago, but this year I’m going to make some just for my garden:

1. I resolve not to buy any plant I don’t have a place for. Except for interesting succulents like Dudleya edulis above and Dudleya brittonii below. I resolve to always buy interesting succulents.

2. I won’t buy any plant not on my list. Unless said plant performs the same or a similar function as the listed plant. Like the Galvezia speciosa I planted instead of more Helichrysum.

3. I will be realistic: climate, soil, dog, gophers, deer, and how much time I have to garden.

4. I will not plant a woody salvia in the dog’s ‘path’ no matter how beautiful the flowers are.

5. This year, I will thin the apples so we get edible fruit that won’t end up rotting all over the ground.

6. I won’t fall in love with every new look I see in my garden magazines and end up with a garden that’s all over the place and nothing really works. I will keep using Pinterest to give me a true picture of what I like over time and plant accordingly.

7. When I need containers, equipment, or furniture, I will buy used whenever I can. There’s enough stuff in the world as it is.

Dudleya brittoni tended.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “7 New Year’s resolutions for gardening

  1. What great aspirations. I’m looking at the stubs of Violas munched by the deer, and thinking similiar thoughts…. No dogs here, but the deer and voles more than make up for it with their own damage. Stay warm , WG

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