A glow in the dark plant

glow in the dark plant tended.wordpress.com

I was walking through my neighborhood just after dark, and here was Senecio cineraria ‘Dusty Miller’ just GLOWING in the dark. Every other plant was a dark shadow, and then here was this luminous white.

I don’t think I could do a full on moon garden because I like orange flowers way too much, but I may need some of these in pots on the deck to enjoy on a warm evening.

glow in the dark plants tended.wordpress.com

4 thoughts on “A glow in the dark plant

  1. How interesting! that looks like Senecio cineraria aka Dusty Miller
    I’ve planted.this from time to time (as an annual) along my front walkway and never noticed how reflective they were! I guess I need to sharpen my observational skills!!

  2. There are so many varieties of dusty miller and Artemesia that they can be easy to confuse. The main difference to me is leaf texture, which is more easily noticed if you can handle the plant. Dusty Millers generally have a thicker, more succulent leaf. I used to bypass these as too common and overused, and then noticed, as you have, their luminous quality in the evening. They grow extremely well in our climate, are ignored by our deer, withstand drought and sun, and many have beautiful leaf shapes. I grow them with lambs ears, lavenders, white Dianthus, bearded Iris, Artemesia, and scented geraniums. Together, they make a stunning and sturdy “silver and white” garden.

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