Pine trees in polished clay containers

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 4.11.16 PM

In the best stroke of luck ever, I found these polished clay pots secondhand (buying used is one of my new year’s gardening resolutions). They don’t quite match but they’re beautiful, heavy, good quality pots. I planted them with baby pine trees that I ‘recycled’ from Christmas decorations, added tumbled stones to keep water in and raccoons out, and put them out front on either side of the garage door. I plan to prune the trees into tall, narrow forms as they grow. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll replace them with podocarpus.

I managed to pop them in and snap some pictures before it started pouring again. We desperately need this rain, but I do think the succulents have had enough.

succulents in the rain


2 thoughts on “Pine trees in polished clay containers

  1. This looks great – feel sorry for your succulents though -but it is so nice that you are getting some rain. Still snowy, but not quite so cold – this seems like an odd format to me, but the computer wants to do this.

  2. So happy that there is finally rain coming to CA, and hope it is falling gently where you are. By now I’m sure that pot swimming succulents is drained and moved under cover. An interesting effect in the photo. I’ve had that happen here after storms, and most eventually recover 😉 Love your pots and pines. We have done something similiar with Arborvitae, underplanted with creeping Rosemary. The stones you’ve used with them are stunning 😉 Your determination to recycle in the garden is an inspiration- So happy to have found your site, Jen! Best wishes, WG

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