A low maintenance silver, purple, and black garden

silver and black garden tended.wordpress.com

At Sunset’s Menlo Park gardens: a low maintenance, low water garden with year-round color interest.

Here, they’ve used bronze Phormium, Variegated Pittosporum, Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’, Lorapetalum ‘Purple Diamond’, and silver Thyme. These plants won’t need much more than the occasional light pruning.

The Aeoniums are a nice touch here – their forms are stunning, they add color and height, don’t take up any square footage, and soften the transition between the purple and silver. The cement, steel and celadon ceramic containers continue the color theme and can be moved around as needed.

Black Plants

persian shield tended.wordpress.com

Persian shield and Sweet potato vine ‘Garnet Lace’

Black (and deep purple and maroon) plants give you everything: high impact, drama, mystery, and sophistication. They’re an easy way to add a focal point where you need one, and they intensify the colors of everything around them. All of these photos were taken in the gardens at Cantigny Park┬áin Wheaton, IL.

dahlia mystic illusion tended.wordpress.com

Dahlia ‘Mystic Illusion’ mass planting in front of a green hedge. This variety doesn’t need to be staked.

sambuca black lace tended.wordpress.com

Sambuca ‘Black Lace’ (Sambucus nigra). It looks like a Japanese Maple, but it’s an actually an Elderberry!

persian shield tended.wordpress.com

Persian shield with Coleus

coleus tended.wordpress.com

A single black coleus adds depth and cools down this hot group.