doorway topiaries

Anything in pairs is exponentially better: dogs, candlesticks, topiaries… Symmetry in the garden is like punctuation. It says “look over here, this spot is important.” Symmetry at an entrance or transition point hints at even cooler things beyond. It’s a simple, perfect solution.

Above, the matching small potted trees make the massive wall of a cathedral in Melbourne, Australia feel softer and less imposing, and keep the doorway from getting lost.

cottage doorway

A cottage in Hobart, Tasmania. The symmetry here is soft and inviting, drawing attention to the balance and charm of the victorian woodwork and turquoise door.

pots and doorway

A courtyard and entry in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Beautiful and timeless.


Greenery and Black Front Doors

buenos aires courtyard

buenos aires black door with ivy

Two front courtyards in the Palermo Chico neighborhood of Buenos Aires. This look could not be more simple or more stunning. Both of these gardens take things up a notch with a mix of plant types, leaf shapes, and dense and airy forms.