Mediterranean by way of Montecito front courtyard

low water courtyard

Even with all of the late season rain, we’re still in a drought. So here is inspiration to get rid of your lawn: the courtyard garden at Cava in Montecito.¬†Terra cotta pots hold citrus, pittosporum, and boxwood. The garden beds contain more citrus, rosemary, lavender, lambs ears, bougainvillea, roses, agave attenuata, and succulents. This is an easy, happy little garden that¬†will smell amazing on a warm, sunny day.

low water courtyard


Greenery and Black Front Doors

buenos aires courtyard

buenos aires black door with ivy

Two front courtyards in the Palermo Chico neighborhood of Buenos Aires. This look could not be more simple or more stunning. Both of these gardens take things up a notch with a mix of plant types, leaf shapes, and dense and airy forms.