Unexpected fall color

fall persimmon with plumbago tended.wordpress.com

Orange and light blue are one of my favorite color combinations. This is my 4 year old Fuyu persimmon tree wearing its fall colors, in front of a cape plumbago (Plumbago auriculata).

The persimmon had several weeks of ┬ábrilliant fall color which overlapped with the plumbago’s very long bloom time. The plumbago fills up a back corner of the yard where it doesn’t need pruning, or water, and it’s still in full bloom. Because it’s almost always in full bloom.

The persimmon has been in the ground about 4 years and is finally starting to take off. It even gave me a few persimmons this year. It seems not to mind the heavy clay soil or me neglecting it. Persimmons are truly the easiest fruit trees to grow.

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Designing with fall color

designing with fall color tended.wordpress.com

The bay area is not exactly known for fall color and that’s what makes this entry drive so striking. Most of the trees around here are evergreen. And then here is a matched pair of maples, intentionally smaller than the other trees, so that they are in proportion to the gate, and more importantly so that they turn blazing, glowing red in the fall against a quiet backdrop of greens. You could get whiplash driving by this house. I finally took a picture after all these years so I could stop obsessing about it.

designing with fall color tended.wordpress.com

No words.