A Japanese container garden

container water garden tended.wordpress.com

This container garden is outside of a shop in Matsumoto Japan.

My friend took these photos on her family’s trip around the world. Yep, they literally dropped everything and spent a year traveling around the world with their kids. If you are wondering “how in the world does anyone do that?,” they blogged the entire trip at whyworryjustgo.com.

But back to this garden:

  • Big, simple, solid containers in natural materials, neutral tones, and weathered surfaces. Sizes, shapes and heights are varied, and one is completely different.
  • Two of the containers match, or nearly match, but they’re not placed symmetrically.
  • While there’s not symmetry, there is balance with the largest containers framing the overall arrangement on either end.
  • More containers just inside the doorway extend the overall space in both directions.
  • The water garden is broken up for more interest. One container gives height and one fullness.
  • If I was to duplicate this so that it would work in our dry climate (and survive our marauding raccoons), I’d substitute the water containers for low growing succulents or grasses.

container water garden tended.wordpress.com