Succulents planted in bands of color

agaves and echeveria

Try planting succulents in huge swaths of a single color. There are so many varieties that you can choose almost any color combination you want. Your garden will look like a jewel box.

This is Echeveria Agavoides ‘Purple Pearl’ and Agave attenuata ‘Nova’ (Blue Fox Tail Agave). When these echeveria fill in, the effect is going to be stunning.

Winter color

loropetalum chinense

Here are some of the plants that are giving me winter color in my garden.

But first: my garden is a mess. We had zero, literally zero, rain the first thee months of our rainy season. Then, for about the past week, it’s been a camellia-smashing, leaves-and-branches-everywhere downpour.

In the spirit of a cup half-full, above is a Chinese Fringe Flower (Loropetalum chinense ‘razzleberri’). In my yard these get part shade, twice weekly water during the dry season, and that’s about it. I’ve had them about ten years, and they haven’t needed a thing. You don’t even need to prune them. Unless you plant them in a too small space which I no longer do (new year’s gardening resolutions).

Below, aloe arborescens and aloe striata are starting to bloom which means hummingbirds! The aloe arborescens is in the back bed, where my dog loves to roll and dig. I plunked a very small plant in one of the holes she dug. It’s grown like crazy in the heavy clay soil and is completely dog-proof.

Aloe arborescens

The aloe striata came in a 2″ succulent pot and has grown to almost 1.5 feet across. The one below is a division from the original plant. This is not an easy aloe to divide, and the leaves are quite fragile.

aloe striata