882894_10151510241111509_57546031_oI’m a working mom of two teenagers. I love dogs, cats, and horses, the outdoors and open spaces. My garden is a mess. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

What is it with gardening? Gardening is life. It’s hard, exhausting, and dirty. It’s obsessive, transformative, and subversive. Think about it: what do we do when we travel? We go to wide open spaces and charming villages where the houses are small and the gardens are lovingly tended. Or cities where centuries old buildings have been lovingly preserved. We walk on cobblestones that have been there for hundreds of years. We eat farm to table. Our lives are changed. Then we come home and go back to 60 hour work weeks, overscheduling, and overcomsumption. I think things can be different. We can buy less and tend more.

It all starts in the garden.

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