Succulent garden ideas: mixed succulent borders for a modern or traditional garden

Succulent Border

Here is a succulent border that would look equally good in a modern or traditional setting. For comparison, here is a succulent border in a very modern garden.


  1. Use a wider variety of plants.
  2. Mix loose and compact forms.
  3. Arrange your big, high impact plants (see the half finished bed below in the last picture) and fill in with small, low growing plants.
  4. Plant slightly closer together for a lush effect.
  5. Allow plants to sprawl and spill over each other and the edges of the beds for an informal effect.
  6. Don’t worry about making a mistake. Succulents have very shallow root systems, so they are extremely easy to rearrange. (Except agaves. They don’t mind being moved at all, but they are big and heavy. And spiky!)

Succulent Border

Succulent Border

Succulent Border

photos taken at the Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto, CA

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